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Use Ribbon Awareness Pins to Make Your Community Healthier

Awareness initiatives have proven to be effective in fostering healthier communities. The great news is, you don’t need a multi-million-dollar budget to help spread the word about your cause to patients, clients, or neighbors. Custom awareness pins are a memorable yet affordable way to make people aware of certain health issues. With the right design and quality, these pieces are proudly worn by recipients everywhere they go, promoting your cause around the clock!

Here are a few ways you can use custom ribbon awareness pins to generate a serious buzz:

Hand out pins at health screenings (e.g. cholesterol or high blood pressure check or cancer screening). This is a fun way to congratulate the patient on being proactive about their health and also encourages them to tell others to get screened, too.

Have your staff (e.g. nurses, tech assistants or office team) wear their pin to work each day. These eye-catching ornaments are a great conversation piece and can generate important discussions with patients.

Pass your pin out at a blood drive to thank people for their donations and help get the word out about the pressing need for blood.

Mail your pin to patients that have not visited your office in awhile to remind them to make an appointment. Bulky envelopes are more likely to be opened by the recipient!

Gift your pins to senior centers, churches, and other local organizations serving at-risk populations. They can then hand out your pins to provide essential health reminders.

Hand out your ribbon awareness pin to people getting flu shots. People around town will see them wearing their snazzy new pin and will be prompted to get their flu shot as well!

Choosing the Right Pin Vendor

A manufacturer who is experienced with ribbon awareness pins can help you create an eye-catching, jewelry-like token that people are eager to wear on their clothing. Reputable vendors typically have an in-house design team (no need to hire a costly graphic artist to create your image). They can work with you to choose the right size and shape of pin as well as colors and wording that complement your unique vision. You may even be able to add special shapes (such as hearts) and sparkling simulated gemstones that lend flair to your design and support your message.

Various presentation options may be available as well, such as a luxurious velvet box, cost-effective poly bag, or thick card stock with a custom design and message. Although it’s best to order your pins well in advance of when you actually plan to use them, many vendors offer a rush service to accommodate those tight deadlines.

Lapel awareness pins are crowd-pleasers that will continue to get people talking days, weeks, and even months after you give them away. Plus, they won’t break your budget! Why not order yours today?

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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