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Send More Canines Home During “Adopt a Shelter Dog” Month

The entire month of October is "Adopt a Shelter Dog" month! Across the nation, shelters are overflowing—and there are more dogs than ever before in need of loving homes. Of course, the very best way to celebrate this special month is by adopting a pooch from your local animal shelter. But if that’s not in the cards—and you run a pet-related organization or local business—there are a variety of other ways to generate a buzz about this very worthy cause.

Shelters and Humane Societies

Reward cash donations. Collecting cash donations from generous local residents? Hand out custom “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month” lapel pins as a heartfelt “thank you.” This not only reinforces donor loyalty; it helps raise awareness about the important issue of homeless pets.

Offer discounted adoption fees. There’s nothing people love more than a good sale. Lowered adoption costs can help encourage fence-sitters to take the plunge and bring home a sweet pooch in need. Don’t forget to toss in a custom branded lapel pin for adopters to take with them. This is a great way to keep your organization top of mind when they’re craving the company of another furry friend.

Leverage social media. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are proven to help pets find new homes! These channels provide an effective platform for telling each animal’s “story” and sharing adorable photos. You can also use social media to hold a contest asking people to tell their own adopt-a-dog story. Choose your favorite anecdotes daily or weekly and send those winners a custom lapel pin with your shelter’s name and logo on it.

Partner with local merchants or veterinarians. Hand out special discount coupons for local retailers, eateries, groomers, boarding facilities, or pet health care providers that are created exclusively for your organization. This provides an incentive for those looking to adopt while sending new customers to your partners.

Dog & Kennel Clubs

Welcome dog adopters by waiving or discounting the initial membership fee. If you have a gift shop, consider including a discount coupon. Seal the deal by throwing in a "My [Breed] is Adopted!" lapel pin that new members can wear with pride.

Veterinarians & Other Pet Health Care Providers

Consider establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with an animal shelter (as mentioned above) that can help you get new customers/patients in the door. Promote shelter adoption in your clinic by handing out branded “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month” lapel pins to all customers with canines.

Small businesses. Propose a partnership with your local humane society or animal shelter and give them coupons to hand out to new adoptive “pet parents.” Or, during the month of October, consider offering a discount to customers who show their dog adoption papers. Include a custom-designed lapel pin to demonstrate that your business is one that proudly supports pet adoption!

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