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Start the School Year Off Right with These Fun Promotional Tools

Another school year is underway. Make this one count with engaging new ways to encourage students, raise much-needed funds, and reward educators who truly make a difference. Read on for some ideas!

Make Fundraising More Productive

Let’s face it: it’s tough to find fundraising merchandise that gets people really excited. Consumable products like cookie dough and chocolate are popular–but when they’re gone, they’re gone. Why not choose something with staying power instead? Custom lapel pins are the perfect choice. Whether you’re raising money for the band’s annual trip abroad, supporting a charitable cause, or rallying funds for new athletic equipment, lapel pins give your supporters something to remember you by. They offer infinite style possibilities and allow you to include elements like your school’s logo, special dates, team colors, and short mottos or quotes. You can even create different pins to accompany varying levels of donation.

What’s more, custom lapel pins are very affordable, often costing less than one dollar per pin! And since you can buy them outright, you have total control over your pricing and profit margins.

Promote Your School Club

Want to boost camaraderie and promote interest in your drama, debate, chorus, or other club? Silicone wristbands are where it’s at! These low-cost keepsakes can be customized with your club’s colors, name, and motto and handed out to current, new, and prospective members. They can also be used to celebrate your club’s victories. Since they come in an eye-popping array of colors and styles, students will be excited to show their wristbands off everywhere they go. Just be sure the vendor you choose offers top-quality silicone material (not rubber). And, be sure to check estimated arrival times so that your wristbands are there when you need them.

Reward Teachers and Administrators

Are there special members of your staff that deserve extra recognition this year? Recognize those who go above and beyond with a custom-designed lapel pin. Cloisonné pins are especially distinctive, allowing you to integrate a design of your choosing into a vibrant, hard-baked enamel finish that stands the test of time. Embossed-style pins are also available in iron, brass, and copper finishes. These are ideal for celebrating years of service. After all, teachers, coaches, and administrators who are dedicated to their schools deserve to be recognized! Small, affordable tokens of appreciation can go a long way in reducing turnover.

Motivate Young Students

All kids stand to benefit from buckling down and working hard in school. But promises of a bright future aren’t fully appreciated by the younger set. Instead, consider using a tangible reward–like an inexpensive yet impressive challenge coin–to drive home an encouraging message. Challenge coins emerged during WWI, when they were given to soldiers to prove their membership in a unit, boost morale, or recognize a special achievement.

Today, these distinctive tokens can be used to reward students for good attendance, academic improvement, or volunteer service. Your coin can be customized with your school’s logo and colors and even a special quote to make it more meaningful.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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