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Custom Embroidered Patches: A Versatile Accessory That’s Worn With Pride

Hear the phrase “embroidered patches,” and you might envision biker gangs and black leather jackets. But the fact is; these eye-catching adornments are a versatile tool for any organization—from small businesses and schools to member associations! Here are just a few ways you can use them.

Bolster Team Pride

Strengthen that team bond with a custom embroidered patch members can place on their uniforms, jackets, or equipment bags. Your players will love the sense of belonging it gives them and will be proud to show off their spirit!

Offer a Unique Travel Souvenir

Run a souvenir shop in a tourist destination? Consider selling embroidered patches that feature your location. These can provide a reliable stream of extra income—many people love to collect patches they can attach to a backpack or jacket to show off their world travels.

Express Your Passion

Do you lead a hobby or volunteer group? A custom embroidered patch gives your members a way to tell the world what they’re into. Plus, when they display their patch on their clothing or other personal items, it generates valuable publicity for your group or charitable cause.

Foster School Spirit

Ignite student pride with an attractive woven patch that features your institution’s logo and signature colors. This can be handed out to all students as a way to promote your school, or sold as a fundraising item.

Assert Your Authority

Many law enforcement and security agencies have their personnel wear boldly colored embroidered patches on their uniforms. These instantly distinguish an individual as an authority figure (e.g. a police officer) and can also inform others of the area or organization that person serves.

Add Professional Flair

A custom embroidered patch with your business name and logo can turn a simple polo shirt into an official company uniform! Provided you choose a reputable manufacturer, your patch will retain its aesthetics over time.

Celebrate Club Membership and Achievement

Whether you’re involved with Boy Scouts or the Lions Club, embroidered patches are a great way to promote your club and commemorate important milestones. An experienced patch vendor can help you integrate your organization’s official logo with unique touches that are exclusive to your local chapter.

Choosing a Patch Vendor

To ensure your embroidered patch stands the test of time, it’s essential to choose a vendor with plenty of experience in this area. After all, your patch is a direct reflection of your organization! Be sure to select a partner that offers:

 Premium, fade-resistant polyester threads & wrapped borders
 A high thread count & fine twill backing (for durability)
 Machine quality construction driven by state of the art computers
 Expert assistance with artwork and design

Many vendors also allow you to upgrade your patch with options such as iron-on backings, peel and stick backings, and PVC backings as well as additional colors or metallic thread enhancements.

Embroidered patches are available in nearly any size, shape, and color you could dream of. With a bit of imagination (and some help from your vendor), you’ll have a statement piece that makes an impression for years to come.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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