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Say “Thank You” This Holiday Season With a Gift They’ll Remember

The holidays are the perfect time to pause and consider all the people who have helped you achieve success in the past year—whether it’s your employees, vendors, players, or donors. Sending each of them a pricey Christmas gift may not be in the cards (or your budget). So how do you say “thank you” in a memorable way?

Custom-created lapel pins are not only easy on your wallet (costing less than a dollar each in some cases); they make a winning impression on the recipient. This is especially true when your lapel pin provider has in-house artists ready to turn your creative whims into eye-catching pin designs! Here are some ideas for using lapel pins to express your gratitude this season.

Staff & Vendor Appreciation Tokens

Want to reward your employees for a great year? Recognizing your team members with lapel pins is a powerful way to boost morale and loyalty. And they don’t have to be expensive. You can have professional looking, high quality lapel pins designed with your company logo, a motivational slogan, or any other visual representation of your appreciation. Your staff will be proud to wear a lapel pin that showcases their company and its achievements. For a more elegant finish, accent your pins with simulated gemstones and present them in a velvet box.

Custom lapel pins are also a fantastic way to recognize your best vendors and build goodwill that lasts throughout the New Year and beyond.

Donor Gifts

Your organization couldn’t accomplish its goals without the support and dedication of its supporters. Why not thank your top contributors with a thoughtfully designed lapel pin? Your pin can feature your non-profit’s logo and/or highlight a special milestone achieved this past year. Many providers have the ability to insert your pin into a custom-designed piece of cardstock featuring a heartfelt message of your choosing.

Since few nonprofits take the time to thank donors with a gift, a lapel pin will keep you top of mind with your supporters. What’s more, when donors wear your pin out and about, you get priceless exposure for your brand and mission.

Sports Team Souvenirs

Your players give you their all, all season long. While pep talks and pats on the back are nice, why not give them a tangible expression of your admiration? Lapel pins are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes and can be customized with your team’s logo and colors. Change up the design each season, and your players will soon have a pin collection they can treasure for years to come!

Lapel pins have come a long way in recent years. You have numerous styles to choose from, such as cloisonné, die-struck, silkscreen, and offset printed. On top of that, there are endless opportunities to make your pin truly one of a kind, including options for plating, attachment, accents, and presentation. An experienced lapel pin provider can help you make the optimal selections for your occasion, audience, and budget requirements.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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