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Bring Much-Needed Attention To Your Cause With Custom Awareness Ribbon Pins

By Caryn Smith © 2015, All Rights Reserved

For medical professionals and community service organizations, it can be frustrating to try to bring awareness to important health concerns. Without a celebrity to spearhead your cause, there often isn’t enough excitement to create a buzz, making it difficult to make the community aware of these issues, let alone take steps to prevent them.

National awareness events help get the word out, but making them memorable for your patients and community is the key to long-term success. Your best bet? A small, inexpensive giveaway that will give your cause some much-needed face time, such as a colorful awareness ribbon pin.

Here’s why they work. Custom awareness pins that are beautifully crafted from real metal and colorfully decorated carry a high perceived value. That means your patients, nurses and community members are more likely to wear your pins. Since keeping your cause in the forefront of everyone’s mind is critical, you can see why an eye-catching pin they’ll actually wear can have a tremendous effect.

How To Use Awareness Pins To Create A Buzz

You can use pins in a variety of promotions as well. Anyone who wears one is in a great position to help start a conversation about the importance of colorectal screening or proper nutrition. Offer them to those who have undergone screening as a thank-you, and a reminder for next year. Or mail to patients you haven’t seen in a while to give them an incentive to drop by for a chat with a nutritionist or to have a screening.

Pins make great tools for community outreach as well. Where nutrition is a concern, pins given away at community centers and food banks can help encourage people to contact you for more information. Consider gifting your pins to senior centers, continuing education programs, churches and other organizations that reach those in need of nutritional advice or cancer prevention programs.

Before You Place Your Order

Getting your message out with an awareness pin is as simple as picking up the phone. Just be sure to choose a vendor who offers custom design work, so you don’t have to worry about hiring a graphic artist. Remember to ask about color matching, because you want to make sure your pin tells the right story. And remember to check shipping times. Awareness events happen only once per year, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to serve your patients and community better through increased participation.

Whether you want to encourage community members to eat better or you’re hosting a colorectal cancer screening day, there’s no better way to get the word out than with colorful, eye-catching awareness pins. They’re easy on your budget, which makes them a hit with the board of directors, but they’re also a sought-after collector’s item, ensuring they’ll get lots of use before and after your event. What cause can you support with a custom awareness pin?

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need awareness pins, visit today.

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