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Impress Your New And Used Car Buyers And Increase Repeat Sales With Branded Keychains

Buying a car is a big deal. We research the models we like, read endless reviews, test drive endlessly, and talk to dozens of sales people before finally settling on the perfect vehicle.

It’s just as much work from the salesperson’s end as well, so it makes sense to ensure that you establish an ongoing relationship with each and every buyer. And one of the best ways to do that is with a small, thoughtful gift your buyers are almost guaranteed to see (and use) every day. Whether you sell new or used, a custom keychain is the perfect giveaway for making a lasting impression.

Let Them See Your Brand Every Day

Don’t just hand over the keys with a paper stock tag attached. Instead, add some pizzazz to the sale with a memorable, branded keychain. Include your logo and phone number, and perhaps even a meaningful motto, and your buyers will think of you every time they pick up their keys. There’s simply no better way to create a lasting relationship.

Here’s another idea. Follow up with new buyers at tune-up or oil change time with a card, a coupon and your custom keychain tucked inside. It’s an inexpensive way to not only get your buyer’s attention, but also remind them of an important milestone — and your role in ongoing maintenance. By putting your logo in their hands, you’re ensuring that you’ll be the first one they think of when it’s time for service or another car.

Not Just For Consumers

Business-to-business dealers such as auction houses and wholesalers can benefit as well. Custom keychains for buyers, sales and dealership managers, and others can build brand awareness faster than many other marketing materials. The reason is clear. By keeping your message and contact details close at hand with a truly useful item such as a keychain, you build brand recognition through constant reinforcement. And continual exposure means that when it’s time to restock their inventory, buyers know just who to call.

Keychains are available in a variety of styles to suit every brand. The classic look of die-struck metal is perfect for any seller wishing to send a message of luxury and sophistication. Colorful cloisonné allows for intricate details such as phone numbers and complex logos. Another option, soft enamel, provides up to seven custom colors for a cost-effective price.

When ordering your custom keychains, be sure to look for a vendor that offers free design work and color matching as part of the package. There’s no need for you to hire a graphic artist to recreate your logo or develop the look you want. In addition, you’ll minimize your costs by choosing a supplier who offers free shipping and zero mold fees. In a business where every penny counts, that can add up to a bigger return on your investment and more profits in your pocket.


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