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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Nursing Program Lapel Pins Signify Honors

Nursing programs like the one at the College of DuPage benefit from the use of custom lapel pins.  These small tokens of appreciation make the perfect graduation gift.  Attractive and useful, the nursing lapel pins can be attached to a … Continue reading

Custom Lapel Pins Help Dancers Perform Excellently

Dance teams around the world showcase their skills at competitions and tournaments.  Each dancer has something unique and exciting to bring to the event.  That’s why custom lapel pins are so fitting.  They help build upon the dancer’s skills and … Continue reading

February is Heart Healthy Month, Celebrate with Your Own Custom Lapel Pins

Did you know that February is Heart Healthy Month?  Well, it is!  There are plenty of ways your business or organization can get involved.  For example, you can create a lapel pin for your annual walk for a healthy heart.  … Continue reading

Promote Your Local Dog Show with Unique Lapel Pins for the Participants

Dog shows are big business for breeders.  It gives them the opportunity to show off their most prized canines in an arena where others see them.  One of the most popular dog shows in the country is the Westminster Dog … Continue reading

Teamwork: What Can You Do to Promote Teamwork at Your Place of Business?

Teamwork is a trait that companies value.  Sometimes something as simple as a lapel pin can go a long way in reminding your employees to work together as well as the rewards of teamwork.  Businesses of all sizes turn to … Continue reading

Do You Have an Honors Program at Your School? Create a Lapel Pins for Your Students!

If you want a unique and inexpensive way to promote your honors program think lapel pins. Versatile and inexpensive to give but valuable to recipients, something as small as a lapel pin can mean a lot to the students that … Continue reading

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