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Custom Destination ImagiNation Pins for Trading

For a very long time, custom trading pins have been created and exchanged at sporting events, tourist hotspots, and academic competitions.  These small tokens of appreciation are as unique as the people that order them.  Designed with a team or event in mind, they can depict anything and contain text that generates interest, identifies players or rewards a job well done.

What is Destination ImagiNation?

Destination ImagiNation is an educational program that encourages students to be creative, work with a team, and problem solve to meet goals and criteria.  Over 125,000 students across the United States as well as 30 countries compete by solving open-ended Challenges in team settings at Tournaments.  There is more than 1.3 million alumni involved with Destination ImagiNation, Inc.  35,000 volunteers globally assist with the non-profit.

Why Trade Pins?

There are a number of reasons why your students should trade pins.  Here are just a few of the most obvious:

  • Pins help break the ice with other teams and build friendships.
  • Pins identify schools and teams.
  • Pins boost confidence.
  • Pins give students something memorable to take home with them after a competition.
  • Pins are lightweight and practical.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to collect and trade custom lapel pins.

Unicorn Pins Are Unique and Attractive

The lapel pins pictured here depicts the mythical unicorn.  An icon from the 1980s, the horned creature has been featured in movies like Legend and cartoons like The Last Unicorn.  The Destination ImagiNation team that we created these pins for were pleased with them.

Custom Designs Are What We Do Best

With extras such as glitter, blinkies and sliders, we have the ability to make the pins as individual as your Destination Imagination team.  From 1.5 inch to 3.0 inch, we can make the pins any size and shape.  Over a decade of experience makes us an authority on trading pins.  In fact, we can create any design you can dream up.

Visit to see samples of the pins we have created in the past.  You can also inquire about our services by emailing or calling 1-800-480-6822 toll-free.  We can’t wait to hear your ideas and start working on a design for your custom trading pins.

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