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Custom Danglers Add Excitement and Style to Any Event

Did you know that you can add danglers to your custom lapel pin design? Well, you can.  We work with customers from around the world and many request danglers with their orders.  Make yours unique by exploring the different styles, shapes, and sizes that we offer.  When you go with dangler lapel pins, the sky is virtually the limit when it comes to customizing them.

You can even have the danglers cut-to-shape so that they are easily recognizable.  For example, if you want to honor an employee’s 25 years of service to your company or organization, you can create a dangler that reads “25 years” and is shaped like the words.  Milestones like these are the perfect time to have danglers created for your custom lapel pins.  Special touches like these help transform ordinary lapel pins into extraordinary dangler lapel pins.

Danglers are a great way to acknowledge different achievements in your place of business or organization.  Because the base pin remains the same, different dangling charms can be attached to it as they are earned.  This prevents you from having to order new pins each year.  You can simply keep the base pin the same and order several danglers to go with them.  This allows you to acknowledge the individual accomplishments of each one of your employees while identifying them as members of your team or department.

Transform your years of service award lapel pins or employee recognition award lapel pins by adding custom danglers to them.  The recipients of these special gifts will thank you for your thoughtfulness.  Visit today to find out more about adding danglers to your order of lapel pins.  You can also email or call 1-800-480-6822 toll-free to request a free quote.

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