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Raise Money for School Mentor Programs with Custom Lapel Pins to Say “Thank You”

Volunteers are very special people.  They help school mentor programs to run smoothly.  Don’t let another year pass you by without recognizing these thoughtful and talented individuals!  Custom lapel pins are great for rewarding exceptional individuals.  They’re attractive, long lasting, and meaningful.  They have the ability to motivate and recruit.  If you’re looking for a versatile tool that you can use year round, custom school mentor program lapel pins are the perfect ones to order.

Custom Lapel Pins Are Thoughtful and Versatile Gifts

Special designs and scholastic logos can be added to the pins for a custom approach to making money from fundraisers. They can also be used to identify special volunteers that have gone the extra mile to help out the school and its mentor program.  Handed out at awards ceremonies and banquets, these recognition award lapel pins honor the efforts of the men and women thoughtful enough to give their time and talent to schools around the country.

Soft Enamel or Cloisonné Processes Add Color to Designs

Soft enamel or cloisonné processes add color or special elements to the design.  This adds to its level of attractiveness to the pin’s design and makes it relevant for each individual school.  By slightly altering certain details about a design, we can come up with a style of pin that will make your volunteers proud.

Dual Plating Helps Accentuate Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins can be plated in any metal we offer and can even be paired with dual plating for a truly unique gift.  This allows you to accentuate areas of the pin without cutting them out.  The most classic plating combination is gold and silver.  It looks classy years after it is first given to the recipient of an award.

Visit today to request a no obligation free quote.  You can also email or call 1-800-480-6822 toll-free with any questions you might have about creating custom lapel pins for your volunteers.

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