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Custom Recognition Award Pins for Nurses

It takes an extra special person to be a nurse.  To deal with illness and injury day in and day out requires someone with brute strength and an ironclad will.  That’s why it’s so important to honor the men and women who care for others in nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics throughout the nation.  You can do this easily by creating custom lapel pins for them to wear.

Showing Support to the Ones That Care the Most

We have all seen nurses with small lapel pins on their badges as they go about their day to day activities. Have you wondered why they wear them?  Nurse recognition lapel pins are a wonderful way to show that your nurses are appreciated and thought of. This ensures that they remain satisfied with you and the kind of work that they do.

You can award nurses lapel pins for each level of training they have achieved or you can reward them for the length of time they have worked with you.  Whatever you choose to do, creating an employee recognition program for your workplace is ideal because happy nurses are productive nurses.

Nursing School Graduates Appreciate the Recognition

Nursing school graduates appreciate the gesture and thought that goes into custom lapel pins.  They place the item on their name tag, jacket or shirt as a way of showing pride for the job they have decided to take on.  This is a great way to start a conversation with a patient.  If the man, woman or child sees the pin, he or she will feel more at ease knowing that the nurse has had the type of training that allows them to be well taken care of.

Lapel pins can be created in whatever way our customers see fit.  That means that the nursing lapel pins that you design will be nothing like other hospitals, clinics, and healthcare agencies.  You get to decide whether the pins are bold and beautiful or classic and sophisticated.  You also get to dictate what image or photograph goes onto them.  That’s what makes custom pins so personal.  They really are designed and created by you.

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