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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Unique and Varied Shapes Make Interesting Lapel Pins

People often wonder, “Do my lapel pins have to be round, square or rectangular?”  The answer to this question is, “No, they do not.  We enjoy creating lapel pins in whatever manner you see fit.  This means that they can … Continue reading

History of the Northwest Antique Airplane Club (NWAAC) Lapel Pins

For the past several years we have been honored to create lapel pins for the Northwest Antique Airplane Club (NWAAC). The club which was originally founded in 1959 but because of the National Antique Airplane Association’s lack of legal protection … Continue reading

Custom Lapel Pins in the Shape of Your Team Jersey

When it comes to the customization process, there isn’t anything stopping you from getting the lapel pins that you want.  In fact, what better way to show team spirit than to create custom trading pins shaped like your team’s jersey?  … Continue reading

Medallions Can Be As Custom As You Would Like Them to Be

Have you ever wanted a special way to recognize the members of your athletic program?  Why not host a competitive event and award custom medallions to your stellar athletes?  This is a great opportunity to reward exceptional efforts on and … Continue reading

Years of Service Lapel Help Employees Excel

Individuals that have been with a company for years deserve special recognition.  In addition to holding an event or banquet in their honor, businesses can also reward their efforts with a special gift.  Rather than incur the expense of a … Continue reading

Using Custom Lapel Pins For Your Corporate Destination Meetings

Have you ever had to go to an exotic location for a meeting?  If so, did you wish that you had something phenomenal to hand out to your employees to make them excited and glad to be there?  Custom lapel … Continue reading

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