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Custom Lapel Pins to Promote Your Product in a Grocery Setting

Have you ever thought about the number of people that grocery shop?  The sheer amount of men and women shuffling in and out of the produce department daily is enough to astound a person.  These customers could potentially be purchasers of your products and services.  With that in mind, why not create custom lapel pins for cashiers as well as other grocery employees?  These small pieces of advertising can pay off tremendously by earning you the business of a number of men and women.

Not only are custom lapel pins cost effective and memorable, they are a great way to get your company’s name out.  You can have the people doing live demos wear a lapel pin and showcase your product.  If you want to step things up a bit, you can pass out lapel pins during the demo as a free giveaway item.  This is another way to further your branding attempts.

Pamphlets and fact sheets can only go so far.  Having custom lapel pins on hand to offer to customers is one of the fastest ways to make a great impression.  Few things in life tend to be free so to have a giveaway item to pass out to customers is nothing short of amazing.  People will be so impressed by your generosity that they will take interest in your products and services.

Custom lapel pins can take the shape of a box of cereal or a piece of fruit.  They can be larger or smaller than normal depending on your preference.  You can include details about your company as well as a logo or character.  Glitter, simulated gemstones, and blinking lights are all ways to grab a person’s attention.

When you consider the number of people that shop grocery stores daily, you realize what type of growth potential your business can have by simply handing out lapel pins to passerbys.  Don’t let another advertising opportunity escape you.  Contact Signature Pins with your request for custom lapel pins today.

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